Blade Series by Tim Bowler

Playing Dead, Closing In, Breaking Free, Running Scared, Fighting Back, Mixing It, Cutting Loose, Risking All
Code Red Series by Chris Ryan

Flash Flood,Wildfire,Outbreak,Vortex,Twister,Battleground
Alpha Force Series by Chris Ryan

Survival, Rat-Catcher, Desert Pursuit, Hostage, Red Centre, Hunted, Blood Money, Fault Line, Black Gold, Untouchable
CHERUB Series by Robert Muchamore

The Recruit, Class A, Maximum Security, The Killing, Divine Madness, Man Vs Beast, The Fall, Mad Dogs, The Sleepwalker, The General, Brigands M.C., Shadow Wave

People's Republic, Guardian Angel, Black Friday, Lone Wolf

Henderson's Boys Series by Robert Muchamore

The Escape, Eagle Day, Secret Army, Grey Wolves, The Prisoner, One Shot Kill, Scorched Earth