UKMT team maths challenge

3rd April 2014


By Lucy

Breaking news! On April 3rd 2014, a team of star mathematicians travelled to Durham Johnston School, to take part in the UKMT team maths challenge. We placed 21st out of 29 schools, which was pretty good considering most teams had two Year 9 pupils!

After Catherine spilled her apple juice over the first round of questions, we went a bit off track trying to clean it up and the desk was sticky from then on. However, it did give a lovely fragrance. Even though we had a few issues to begin with, we battled through and in the first round we racked up 30 points out of 60.

In the next round, called Crossnumber, we had to work in pairs. One group worked on the down clues while the others worked on the across clues. We decided on splitting into boys and girls. Catherine and I worked on one team while Tom and Dan worked on the other. After nearly the whole time we had only dropped 2 marks but with only 1 minute left and 11 spaces to fill in we had to guess. We only guessed 2 correctly, leaving us with an outstanding overall score of 45 out of 56.

The final two rounds provided us with a bit of a challenge, being a lot harder than the first two. In round 3 we scored 12 out of 60 and in the fourth round 18 points out of 60. 

We were pretty pleased with ourselves and Mr Jones believed so as well as he bought us all a chocolate bar on the way home in Mildred the Micra.

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