Skipping to Success

10th December 2014

by Mr Hopper

After yesterdays highly energetic and enjoyable School Skipping workshops, run by a gentleman called Chris Corcoran, Y5 now have the opportunity to represent the school in a Skipping Competition, to be held at the Leisure Centre,Morpeth in March.  Towards the preparation, 40 students who excelled during their workshop were invited back for the afternoon for some extra training.

However, Chris is coming back to school at the end of January to work with 40 students who will then be drafted to a final squad of 30 for the competition.  Even if your child was not selected for the extra session on Tuesday they can still win a place in the squad by practicing at home or in school at break and lunchtimes.  Along with this, Mrs Bray and Mr Hopper intend to run some lunchtime sessions and PE lessons to improve our skills further.

Chris left a box of brand new skipping ropes in school for our pupils to purchase should they wish to do so.  The cost of the ropes are £5 each.  Should your child wish to purchase,you should complete the reply slip on the letter received or send an envelope into school with your childs name and class clearly displayed on the front.

Skipping is a fantastic form of exercise which also assists with speed, coordination and agility development.  The website for skipping lists the different exercises and skills the pupils should attempt in order to further develop their skills