E-safety for parents

22nd October 2015
By Mr Jones
We were lucky to have Northumberland County Council e-safety consultant John Devlin in school on Thursday 22nd October 2015 to discuss e-safety and practical tips for parents. The presentation he used, with useful links, is attached below. There is also an overview of e-safety at RCMS.
Some key points from the night were;
  • Check out the NSPCC Net Aware site, which has some great explanations of apps your kids may be using.
  • Turn on Google safesearch to minimise the risk of your kids coming across something inappropriate.
  • Restrict Youtube to reduce the chance of an inappropriate video appearing ina search.
  • Your internet provider will probably have some kind of service (which you are already paying for as part of your monthly fee!) which can help you to take control of internet use in your house. Contact your respective provider to find out more.
  • Talk to your kids about what they are doing online, how things work and who they are communicating with.
  • In school, we discuss e-safety at the beginning of each year for 2-3 lessons. We recommend Think U Know, Childline and CEOP as resources for pupils. We begin by talking about the risks online with strangers but also talk about appropriate ways of communicating with people you know, and how online actions can have a negative effect which can be blown out of proportion due to the number of people who can see things on social platforms.