PE Kit

~~Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Mr Hopper and Miss Byers are becoming increasingly frustrated by the amount of pupils who are turning up to PE lessons without the appropriate kit to participate in lessons.

Every lesson a number of pupils are coming with a variety of excuses as to why they do not have the correct items of PE kit for that day.

Please could you refer to page 7 of your child's planner and check that your child has the appropriate kit so that time is not continually wasted at the beginning of lessons.

Could I also make it clear that only black jogging pants and sweatshirts are to be worn for PE.  No other colours are acceptable.  Leggings should not be worn as a replacement for shorts or jogging bottoms in girls PE.

Plain white sports socks and yellow football / rugby socks are regularly a problem.  Pupils often forget trainers.  It is not safe for your child to participate in a games lesson with school shoes.

If your child has a note excusing them from PE, they MUST still bring suitable PE kit, and should expect to be engaged in some way during the lesson e.g (coach, referee, score keeper, performance analysis)
If they have been suffering from cold etc, they should bring suitable warm clothing.

Persistent offenders will receive appropriate sanctions until steps have been put in place to make sure issues with kit have been resolved.

Many thanks for your support and assistance on this matter.

Mr Hopper and Miss Byers